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Guitar Pick Case White
Guitar Pick Case Red
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Guitar Pick Case Black Guitar Pick Case Black
Engraved Guitar Pick Green - 6Pcs
Engraved Guitar Pick Dark Blue - 6Pcs
Engraved Guitar Pick Popular - 6Pcs
Engraved Guitar Pick Cool - 6Pcs
Engraved Guitar Pick Exquisite - 6Pcs
Engraved Guitar Pick Lemon - 6Pcs
Engraved Guitar Pick Orange - 6Pcs
Engraved Guitar Pick Pineapple - 6Pcs
Engraved Guitar Pick Kiwi - 6Pcs
Engraved Guitar Pick Avocado - 6Pcs
Engraved Guitar Pick Banana - 6Pcs
Engraved Guitar Pick Pear - 6Pcs
Engraved Guitar Pick Fashion - 6Pcs
Engraved Guitar Pick Tomato - 6Pcs
  • Christopher
    Incredible quality! I bought these for a friend’s birthday who absolutely loved them. Very easy to order and the communication was great. They arrived much earlier than expected too. Overall I was so happy with everything. I love this spotify code guitar pick. Thank you.
  • Daniel
    I love this spotify code guitar pick! I got a custom guitar pick for my son as a Christmas gift. They worked with me and sent me exactly what I wanted. Super happy!!!
  • Nancy
    My boyfriend absolutely loved this photo guitar pick. I got a custom guitar pick for him as a gift. I’m pretty sure he’s shown everyone he knows and tells them how much he loves it. Definitely recommend. The purchasing process was one of the smoothest I’ve encountered on soufeel. Thank you.
  • Matthew
    Very happy with my purchase and communication with the seller. This picture guitar picks are beautifully made and of high quality. The shipping was quick. My husband loved this custom guitar pick!
  • Anthony
    Loved our customized guitar picks! They were so helpful with all my questions and nailed it with what we wanted! This is the most well-made personalized guitar pick I have ever seen.Will definitely order again!
  • Mark
    Very fast shipping. They responded to my questions immediately. This custom guitar picks is just as described. 10/10 would recommend. I love this spotify code guitar pick.
  • Donald
    The material on these custom guitar picks is very slick, and they are not sharp at all.However these spotify code guitar picks are amazing for rhythm ... the material and curve just makes them glide across the strings so well. You can strum fast as heck and as light as a feather far easier than many other materials/brands. 5 stars for the excellent strumming.
  • Lisa
    My son had these custom guitar picks on his birthday list to go with his new guitar. He didn’t know what kind of pick he wanted or needed, but this photo guitar pick was ideal for him.
  • Steven
    I love this custom guitar pick. I bought this photo guitar pick for my boyfriend who plays in a band. It came quickly and the quality is great! I put my favorite photo in the guitar pick.It looks so pretty and he loved it. Great keepsake for the price!
  • Paul
    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I cant believe I received this cool guitar pick in less than a week. Everything spelled right, written clear, pick is wonderful, shipping great and overall EXCEPTIONAL EXPERIENCE. I have now found their website for more of their items....If you are a last min shopper like me they are great! To have it engraved and delivered in less than a week was so amazing!!